Support Vehicles 

Ox Engineering has developed a series of support vehicles and accessories to accommodate your field team.  Our support trucks and accessories maximise efficient capacity with each design, incorporating convenience and space into a complicated system, allowing easy access and supply.


  • Complete package ready drilling support

  • Automotive, fast and built to Australian standards

  • Designed to maximise strength and reduce weight to increase your payload 

  • Designed to vehicle capabilities, national road laws and ADR specifications

  • Design it yourself, feeding from our wealth of knowledge and expertise

  • Auxiliary air truck with automotive platform to AS1657. 

  • Designed to withstand heavy duty use, with the highest regard to safety and reliability. 

  • User friendly 

  • All fuel tanks designed and built to ADR specifications 

  • Maximizing drill pad surface area, minimizing environment impact. 

  • Ox designed hydraulic spare wheel carrier. 


Unique design solutions tailored to individual requirements from an original thought, superseding existing designs.